Support Groups

Support groups are available across the Northern Trust area to offer support and information to women who have breast cancer.

These support group meetings are held five or six times a year and cover topics such as nutritional advice, exercise, complimentary therapies and body image issues. They are informal and offer women an opportunity to
meet with other women who have experienced a similar diagnosis.


Antrim Support Group
Telephone: 028 9442 4874

Ballymena Support Group
Freephone: 028 9066 3281

Coleraine Support Group
Freephone: 028 9442 4218

Mid Ulster Support Group
Telephone: 028 7963 2060 or 028 7963 3773

Transition Support Group

There is also Transition Support Group which offers support to women who have completed their treatment but feel isolated and insecure. The Transition Support Group provides women the opportunity to meet with other breast cancer patients for support and information-giving at this crucial time. The meetings are held by a trained counsellor and a breast care nurse.

The group is an 8 week course for women post breast cancer treatment run in conjunction with Cancer Focus NI, providing information on breast cancer, medicines, sexuality and body image, diet & exercise, lymphoedema, relationships and relaxation.

The Transition Support Group meets for eight sessions, one per week for eight weeks. Each session lasts two hours. Meetings are held at Willow House, Antrim Area Hospital at 10.30am.

The dates of these meetings are subject to change. For information on when the Transition Support Group takes place, please contact the breast care nurses at Antrim Area Hospital.


Cheryl Gregg
Breast care nurse, Antrim Area Hospital, Telephone: 028 9442 4000

Elaine Heaney
Breast care nurse, Antrim Area Hospital, Telephone: 028 9442 4874