Carer & family support

Carers’ Assessment

A Carers’ Assessment can be carried out which gives carers an opportunity to tell us about the care they provide and how it affects their life.

For more information please see the Carers’ Assessment leaflet.

Carers’ Register

As part of the Northern Trust’s commitment to supporting carers, the Carers’ Co-ordinator has a Carers’ Register.

This will ensure that you receive valuable information about recent issues or events to support you in your important role.

The Carers’ Register is only used to contact carers with relevant information about up-coming events, information about Carers’ Week or consultation events. If you wish your name and address to be held on this register please complete and return the registration form.

For more information please see the Carers’ Register registration form.

Extracare Family Training Programme

If you are an unpaid carer and need extra support with your caring responsibilities, your social care or health care worker such as a social worker, occupational therapist or district nurse can refer you to the Trust’s Family Training Programme.

This is a scheme whereby a trained professional will visit your home and provide you with information or training around a variety of issues, depending on your needs.

In the past, carers have received information/training on stress management, relaxation techniques, moving and handling and back care.

For more information please see the Extracare Family Training Programme leaflet.

Telehealth and Telecare

New technology in the home can give independence to those who have physical problems because of a cancer diagnosis and/or treatment people and provide peace of mind to carers.   This can be funded by the NHS or social services.  Equipment can include fall detectors, sensors to detect if someone has left the home, or even technology that is programmed to automatically close curtains or operate appliances.

More information about Telecare is available on the website at