Other types of support

Carers’ Support groups

Please see Northern Trust Carers Support Groups for details of when and where the groups meet.

If you would like more information or to attend a support group contact Lyn Campbell, you can email lyn.campbell@carersni.org or telephone 028 9043 9843.



Carers Digital

A new dedicated website is available for all carers in the Northern Trust area. www.carersdigital.org is an online resource with two eLearning modules on building resilience as a carer and nutritional advice, access to download the care-coordination app ‘Jointly’ and access to many resources and guides to help in your caring role. Use FREE access code DGTL2770 to create an account. For more information click here.

Cancer Caring Coping

Queen’s University has conducted research which has shown that if you care for someone who’s affected by cancer, be that a family member or a friend, then your health can also be affected. You can experience a range of emotions: you can feel confusion, anger and sadness, and you can feel like your whole world  has been turned upside down. You might also experience a range of needs including the need for information and the need for support and care for yourself.

As a result of the research, a group of people who’ve been affected by cancer have developed a website to share with you their views and experiences of what worked for them. What’s important is that you look after yourself. Click on the following link to hear other people’s experience on what worked for them, www.cancercaringcoping.com.

Last updated July 2018.