Help with housing costs

There is financial help available for various housing costs for those who have cancer. Find out what is available for you by following the links below.

  • Housing benefit 
  • Discretionary house payments
  • Income supports for housing costs
  • Adaptions

For information, please visit the financial help section on the NiCan website 

Macmillan financial guide

If you have a mortgage or a pension it may be helpful to contact a financial adviser. Financial advisers can assess your individual situation and recommend the best course of action.

To speak to a Macmillan financial guide call free on 0808 808 00 00 or email on


While undergoing or recovering from treatment, many people with cancer find they feel the cold more and are at home for longer periods of time.

Help is available to help you improve the heating systems and insulation in your home.

UK-wide payments

When weather has been particularly cold (temperatures of 0 or lower for seven consecutive days), the government will automatically makes a weekly payment of £25 to people who receive certain benefits.  Cold Weather Payments will automatically be made on top of your usual benefits.

Winter Fuel Payment

Winter Fuel Payment is a government scheme to help older people keep warm during winter.  A yearly payment is made to both men and women who have reached state pension age for women.  The amount you receive depends on your individual circumstances, such as whether you live with another qualifying person and how old they are.

Please visit the NI Direct website to find out more about these payments at

Warm Homes

The Warm Homes Scheme provides grants to people living in Northern Ireland who are receiving certain benefits to make energy-saving changes, such as putting in loft or cavity wall insulation to their homes.  To find out more about the scheme, please contact Warm Homes on 0800 988 0559 or visit their website

Crisis loans

In extreme cases, if you do not have enough money to meet your (or your family’s) immediate short-terms need, you can apply for a crisis loan from the government.  You will need to pay this back, but you will not be charged any interest.

To apply, please call the crisis loan claim line on freephone 0800 028 8822

EAGA grants

There are heating grants available for people who are sick, disabled, on a low income or are over 60.

For more information, please contact the EAGA partnership in Northern Ireland on freephone 0191 247 3800



Speaking to your energy supplier

In Northern Ireland, there are a limited number of energy companies so changing suppliers may not be possible. The Consumer Council for Northern Ireland has information about dealing with fuel bills. You can contact the Consumer Council on 028 9067 2488 or by visiting the Consumer Council website at

If you are having trouble paying your bills or are worried about getting into debt, you should contact your energy supplier as soon as possible.

If you are living with cancer, you should let your supplier know and they should then place you on the Priority Service Register, which gives you access to free extra services from your supplier.  It also ensures your energy will not be cut off if you fall behind on your payments.