Living with lung cancer

A diagnosis and the treatment of lung cancer can affect your life in many different ways. Tell your doctor if symptoms such as pain, sickness or breathlessness are troubling you, as these can often be controlled with treatment.

For information on living with cancer, including support groups and wide variety of information and support service options that are local to you, please visit the living with cancer page on this site or Cancer Survivorship Website NI. 

Request an information pack

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation have produced an information pack, which includes ‘Living with lung cancer’ and ‘Managing lung cancer symptoms’ booklets, along with a DVD. This information is all free of charge and can be provided for lung cancer patients and carers living in the UK.

To order this pack please visit the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation website or call the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation helpline on 0333 323 7200.