Investigations and diagnosis

As well as an examination of the suspected skin cancer, at the clinic you may also have:

  • an examination of all your skin
  • examination with a dermatoscope (a magnifier for examining skin)
  • photographs
  • a discussion about sun protection measures
  • a biopsy or be referred for a biopsy

Staging and grading of skin cancer

Your skin specialist needs certain information about the cancer to decide on the most appropriate treatment for you. This includes the stage and grade of the cancer. The stage of a cancer describes its size, position and whether it has spread beyond the area of the body where it started.

For more information on staging and grading of each skin cancer, please visit the Macmillan Cancer Support website.


Your biopsy results may be discussed at a skin cancer multi-disciplinary meeting. The team will review all aspects of your care. If the recommended treatment plan should differ to that proposed in the clinic and recommend an appropriate treatment plan a member of the team will discuss this with you.