Young people

Young People with Cancer

Having cancer can be a scary experience for anyone, no matter what age, but for young people it can be particularly frightening and can feel isolating.

To find out that you or, a friend or someone close to has a very serious illness can be devastating. This section is to help young people understand cancer and provide information that can inform and help support you or young people close to you going through cancer.

Family-centered care

Cancer in childhood or adolescence is extremely rare and therefore it is vital that these patients are treated with specialist care and understanding. The cancer care and expertise provided within the Trust is not only in treating the cancer, but also in ensuring the young person’s psychosocial and emotional needs are addressed.

The Trust provides support to young people and their families, siblings and partners during and after the young person’s cancer treatment. When a young person has cancer, the focus must be on the needs of the whole family – if loved ones are supported, the young person in turn will be supported. Our staff has expert knowledge and understands the emotional as well as the physical needs of teenagers, young adults and their families who have experienced cancer.